Product Condition Information

Item/Product Condition Information

Condition grading as shown on the website.

It is recommended that all items be inspected by the purchaser (or the purchaser’s representative) prior to despatch.

As all transportation is the responsibility of the purchaser, the “Condition” is the condition of the item at the time of cataloging of the item. At all times during transportation and prior to a protective finished being applied to the item, the purchaser takes responsibility to keep the item out of the weather, to avoid its condition deteriorating.

Colour differences caused by reasons other than the natural colour of the timber can alter the condition grading.

Unless noted all items are supplied raw.

Merchantable Condition : 1
Indicates normal retail sellable condition and would pass a normal builder inspection, ready for final finishing by others.

Factory Second Condition : 2
Indicates a fairly good condition, but may require a little effort by the purchaser to make ready for final finishing. Could have light marks, dints, discolorations, tight knots, surface cracks, warps, bows or scratches beyond AS2688 on the timber/glass and/or non-standard timber sizing, mouldings, panels.

Salvage Condition : 3
May be in poor condition, damaged but suitable for paint finish. May have but not limited to the following, loose knots, knot and other holes, pieces of timber chipped or broken off, old or bad paint or polish already applied or partially applied, lock and hinge checks, deep marks, loose knots, cracks or scratches in the timber/glass and/or non-standard and/or rough or skipped timber sizing, mouldings, panels, loose paint or finish .
All Salvage Condition 3. items are sold “as is”.


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