Warranty Information

Warranty Information

This warranty information is to be read in conjunction with the stated “condition” of the item as shown on each individual sale offer on the www.woodworkersxs.com.au website. This forms part of the warranty.

It is recommended that all items be inspected by the purchaser (or the purchaser’s representative) prior to despatch.

As all transportation is the responsibility of the purchaser, the time of the warranty starts from the time the item is despatched from its shown location. At all times during transportation and prior to any protective finish being applied, the purchaser takes responsibility to keep the item out of the weather. Failure to do this voids the warranty.

The warranty does not cover any work or alteration made to the item after it is despatched or any movement or any fault appearing when and after such work has been undertaken.

Colour differences in the same timber species are not classified as a defect (it is accepted that the sill will most often be of a different timber species than the rest of the frame)

Warranty does not cover any timber item purchased that does not have the recommended finish system applied within 24 hours of receipt of the item.

Grade 1 Material & labour warranty (six months from time of purchase)
Covers any manufacturing fault and defects as defined by AS2688. If the item is deemed by Woodworkers to have a manufacturing fault, it will be altered, repaired or replaced to the full warranty standard or the full purchase price will be refunded at Woodworkers discretion on return of the item.

Grade 2 Labour warranty (three months from time of purchase)
Covers for the basic manufacturing of the item if the goods are purchased as a ‘second’ but are suitable for most uses with a little care and effort. It does not cover defects such as , but not limited to, scratches, loose or tight knots, water or other marks, timber splits, cracks, bows, twists, warps, timber colours, timber species types, glass blemishes or generally all other defects that may be difficult to hide in clear finished joinery. If the item is deemed by Woodworkers to have an assembly rather than raw material fault, Woodworkers at their discretion, undertakes to repair or replace the item to the basic warranty standard or refund the monies on the return of the item.

Grade 3 No Warranty
The item is purchased “as is” and is not covered by warranty.


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