What is the joinery orphanage?

Homeless doors and windows seeking adoption! The orphanage is Woodworkers bargain barrel of joinery (doors plus windows and more) and hardware that is discounted between 5% and 80% depending on its popularity & condition. Most items are between 20% and 30% off our trade price and the majority are in a fully waranteed first grade condition. If you have flexibility in your joinery sizes and its design, you can make very significant savings and the product you get will be fully serviceable.

What’s wrong with it?

Usually nothing. The sale details on each item note its condition and its warranty. While some items will disclose minor imperfections or repairs the majority are to full merchantable standard equivalent to our normal workshop products.

Where does orphanage joinery come from?

Products go to the orphanage for a variety of reasons.


Our computerized production system is the best in the industry but sometimes items get made twice. With literally thousands of components on the floor at any one time, it’s inevitable. Sometimes we deliberately make a second or third article of complicated joinery just in case the first article gets damaged in the latter machining processes.


Items such as toughened glass cannot be cut or altered after manufacture but occasionally arrive the wrong size from the glass suppliers. Rather than throw it away we construct joinery (doors plus windows and more) to suit and discount it for the orphanage. We also deliberately buy manufacturing errors from our suppliers at heavily discounted prices and frame them up for the orphanage at unbeatable prices.


Builders occasionally go broke leaving us with uncollected orders and sometimes clients order incorrectly resulting in the wrong joinery being manufactured. The orphanage provides a solution to everyone’s problem and the joinery (doors plus windows and more) finds a new home.

Samples & Ex Display Items

Sometimes prototypes are required for larger projects, or new designs are trialed for our growing stock range. When no longer required they go to the orphanage.

Scratches & Dents

Thousands of doors are moved around our workshops every day and occasionally forklift and truck damage occurs. Most items get repaired but may become undersized in the process and are discounted in the orphanage.


Some items, for one reason or another, simply don’t pass quality control. They may have slight bows, conspicuous timber flaws or other defects that wouldn’t matter for painted situations or secondary uses. Any important defects are noted on the sale tag.

Stuff Ups

More errors occur with tape measures than any other piece of equipment in the workshop! First quality joinery (doors plus windows and more) made to the wrong size goes straight to the orphanage along with doors rebated incorrectly, glazed wrongly etc.

Can I pay a deposit and collect the joinery later?

No. All orphanage joinery (doors plus windows and more) is discounted for quick sale. If you want an item you have to pay for it 100%. We do not accept deposits on orphanage product nor do we ‘hold’ it for people to make up their minds. It is sold on a first come, first served basis and we expect that the goods will be collected in a short time frame. If you do not need the goods imminently and cannot store them, we offer limited storage capacity for up to 14 days without charge but thereafter, storage costs may apply. In general, we cannot store product for more than 12 weeks in any circumstances.

What if I can’t use it and want to return it?

Yes you can but you will be charged a restocking fee of 15% on returned orphanage joinery, plus delivery and rectification costs if the goods are not returned in the same merchantable condition as they were originally sold. The restocking fee will be waived if the goods are swapped for other Woodworkers product but you must produce your original sales invoice.

Is orphanage joinery warrantied?

There are 3 levels of warranty within the orphanage. The warranty does not cover any work or alteration made to the item after it is dispatched. Colour differences in the same timber species are not classified as a defect (it is accepted that the sill will most often be of a different timber species than the rest of the frame). Warranty does not cover any timber item purchased that does not have the recommended finish system applied within 24 hours of receipt of the item.

Grade 1 Material & labour warranty (Six months from time of purchase)
Covers any manufacturing fault and defects as defined by AS2688 If the item is deemed by Woodworkers to have a manufacturing fault, it will be altered, repaired or replaced to the full warranty standard or the full purchase price will be refunded at Woodworkers discretion on return of the item.

Grade 2 Labour warranty (Three months from time of purchase)
Covers for the basic manufacturing of the item if the goods are purchased as a ‘second’ but are suitable for most uses with a little care and effort. It does not cover defects such as , but not limited to, scratches, loose or tight knots, water or other marks, timber splits, cracks, bows, twists, warps, timber colours, timber species types, glass blemishes or generally all other defects that may be difficult to hide. If the item is deemed by Woodworkers to have an assembly rather than raw material fault, Woodworkers at their discretion, undertakes to repair or replace the item to the basic warranty standard or refund the monies on the return of the item.

Grade 3 No Warranty
The item is purchased “as is” and is not covered by warranty.

The applicable warranty level is nominated on the sales docket attached to the item and disclosed on the website listing.

Where is the orphanage and how do I know what’s in it?

There are orphan doors and windows in all our localities in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Sydney, although the largest collection is usually at our Moorooka (Brisbane) showroom. All items at all localities are listed on our orphanage website www.woodworkersxs.com.au Items that need to be moved from one locality to another can be arranged by Woodworkers at the purchaser’s expense, once the items have been fully paid for.

Can I shop on line at Woodworkersxs?

Yes. The website allows you to search by the type of joinery (doors plus windows and more) or the size opening you have and you can purchase by credit card or make enquiries on line. There are options to also show you the nearest stock joinery item to the size you’re looking for. Because the website is available to a huge geographic area, turnover is quick. If you are interested in an item do not assume it will be there next week.

Can you adapt joinery for me if I buy it from the orphanage?

Yes. We will advise you however if it would be cheaper to remanufacture the item rather than adapt it. All alterations are at your cost.

Can I negotiate on price?

Yes. Our willingness to lower prices will depend on the relative demand for the items in question; how long each item has been in the orphanage, what payment method you propose (credit card fee applies) and the extent of discount already applied to the listed price. If you are purchasing a lot of joinery ($5,000 plus) a bulk discount or hardware discount might apply.


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