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Woodworkers generally manufactures in Surian Red Cedar, although a range of stock doors in Pacific Maple is also available for those wishing to paint their doors. Door and window frames normally have hardwood sills. The hardwood used is usually Kwila/Merbau. Other timber species from time to time may be used. If the customer requires more information they should contact sales@woodworkers.com.au


Surian Red Cedar:

Surian Red Cedar

Colour: Reddish brown.
Durability: Category 2 : Used for internal & external applications.
This hardwood timber is South East Asia’s equivalent of Australian red cedar but much more readily available.

It is sourced from sustainable yield sources in PNG, Malaysia & Indonesia and is very suited to joinery use in the Northern Australian climate.

It has a rich colour and strong grain and if properly finished with a transparent finish will look superb and stand the test of time, as can be seen by the large amount of Australian Red Cedar joinery still in use today all over Queensland and Northern NSW.

Surian Red Cedar should not be confused with the softer Western Red Cedar from North America which has a very different colour and is not well suited to the tropics.

Pacific Maple:

Pacific Maple

Colour: Pale straw or grey.
Durability: Category 2 : Used for internal & external applications.
General joinery, domestic finishing timber such as skirting, architraves, wall panelling.
Pacific Maple is the common trading name for a number of S.E.Asian hardwoods marketed in Australia. Sometimes just called Maple, the individual species names can be Lauan, Seraya or Meranti. The timber is not generally suitable for clear finishing as the colour is bland, but can be stained or painted to achieve a pleasing result.

New Guinea Rosewood:

New Guinea Rosewood

Colour: Can vary considerably from light to dark tan or brown and pink to almost red.
Durability: Category 1 : Used for internal & external applications.
This hardwood has characteristics similar to Teak and is an excellent joinery timber due to its durability and stability. Its colour ranges can give it great character, if it is being transparent finished. It will however usually require light staining to bring the colours together.

Western Red Cedar:

Western Red Cedar

Colour: Golden light to very dark brown.
Durability: Category 2 : Used for internal & external applications.
A softwood with prominent grain features but large colour variations which is very easily damaged. This North American native timber is not used for external joinery work by Woodworkers as it is predisposed to rotting.

Kwila/Merbau(Sills Only):


Colour: Golden brown to dark brown.
Durability: Category 1 : Used most particularly in exposed external use. .
This hardwood timber is strong and oily and repels water naturally, making it ideal for heavy exposed elements such as the sills under joinery. Care needs to be taken with Kwila to fully seal the timber before it is exposed to any weather as it can leach badly and stain surrounding work with its tannin run off.


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